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Karen Docherty is a Spirit medium and development mentor working with private clients, fellow mediums and content creators to share insights and wisdom of Spirit communication.

Having served thousands of clients and students over many years, Karen has a wealth of knowledge in this unique field of work. Her gift, inherited through generations of psychics and mediums, is delivered to international audiences in the most genuine, compassionate and loving  way.


Delivering 1-1 readings, online courses and a comprehensive mentorship program are some of the ways Karen works to deliver the light of Spirit. In addition to her own work she has appeared on radio, TV and in articles.

Karen's traditional spiritual values and her contemporary approach make her a joy to watch, learn from and work with. Karen's motivation is to create a new generation of psychics and mediums by offering her wisdom based on genuine evidential mediumship. 

Hailing from the East Coast of Scotland, Karen now travels the world serving clients near and far. She is always to work with anyone who shares her passion for spiritual growth, deep understanding and the power to communicate with the Spirit world.


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