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Since the discovery of her abilities, Karen has worked tirelessly to bring the word of Spirit to those who need it most. From the UK to the USA, from Asia to Australia, clients from all over the world meet with Karen to receive readings, enrol in mentorships and hold a space for discussions on the power of Spirit. 


A woman with spirit and a breath of fresh air, Karen offers a contemporary approach to psychic work and mediumship based on traditional principles. Filled with love and compassion, she stands as one of the most reputable and skilled mediums in modern times.

They've been with me all my life....

One of my earliest childhood memories is seeing Spirit people, without actually realising they were spirit people. I never questioned it at the time, I just seemed to accept that they were there. My Grandmother, Elizabeth, often talked of the spirit world and she too was attuned to spirit in her own ways. Gran used traditional methods like tea leaves and premonition. I used to love listening to her stories about those who had crossed over. As I began to grow and develop my own connection with Spirit, she would often say ‘Karen brings the spirit world with her’.


Every step I have taken in life led me to my mediumship. In every job I had before undertaking my development, I worked in the service of others. I always felt frustrated that I couldn't do more to ease pain and suffering of others in this life. There was a need to help others reach a place of happiness and comfort. That's when Spirit made themselves known and guided me to develop a deep connection over my 25 year journey.

My work has changed, but my purpose has remained the same. To serve and guide you with the word of Spirit. To ease your pain and sadness with comfort and love. And to provide genuine knowledge and evidence of the existence of a world beyond our own.


My Passion, My Purpose

The Inspirational Karen Docherty

The Inspirational Karen Docherty

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