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Upcoming Events

Join me for online and in-person demonstrations, Q&A's and live discussions.

No upcoming events at the moment

Public Demonstrations of Mediumship

Demonstrations of mediumship in public happen across many different settings. You may attend a church demonstration, or you may see me demonstrate in a theatre or private venue, even online. 

Wherever we might be, the spirit world awaits. Whether or not you receive a reading at a public event they are fantastic opportunities to see a work of wonder and to share emotional experiences within a large group. 

You will be amazed by Karen's accuracy, love and compassion. 

Charity and Private Events

I am also available to serve at charity events and private events. Over the years, I have given talks and demonstrations to help various charities and fundraising efforts. 

If you have a charity or event and you wish to enquire about having Karen there, please contact us at or use the link below.

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