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Private Consultations

Whether you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, seeking spiritual advice to help solve life's problems, or have specific questions, I am on hand to help and guide you to the answers you seek. 

Private consultations guide you to a place of clarity, confidence and reassurance. Karen's amazing ability offers evidence of a world beyond ours, where our loved ones are at peace, and the opportunity to live an easier life with problems and anxieties put to rest.

Book your slot below and look forward to a wonderful, comforting and inspiring experience.

What To Expect

  • Once you've completed your booking, you'll receive an email from me confirming the details. Be sure to check all the details are correct and save the email somewhere safe.

  • On the day of your consultation you an access the session using the link provided. If you have booked a telephone reading, please ensure you have provided me with the right details, and that you have access to the phone for the duration.

  • I will send you a reminder before our session. It's a good idea to consider what you want from your consultation and note down any questions you have in particular. Apart from that, you can relax and know that your Spirit team will be gathering in time for your consultation.

Book A Session to Suit

  • Telephone Readings: 30 Minutes

30 Minute readings are perfect for seeking specific answers to questions or to have a short session to connect with loved ones. Delivered over the telephone, these work the same as conventional readings and usually have a shorter waiting list than full online sessions.

  • ​Zoom Sessions: 30 Minutes

Face to face sessions allow Karen to deliver messages 'face-to-face' from loved one's and truly explore the evidence for their continued existence in the Spirit world.

In these consultations we will have the opportunity to truly address any concerns or uncertainties about your loved one's passage home.

Feel you can't wait for the next available session?

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